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Outbound message

How to send an outbound message in Salesforce

Outbound messaging allows you to specify that changes to fields within Salesforce can cause messages with field values to be sent to designated external servers. Outbound messaging is part of the workflow rule functionality in Salesforce.

Something has changed, we have a message for you , We will send it to you.

By creating a workflow rule in Salesforce, it is possible to send an outbound message to any receiving system. In order to accomplish such a message it is necessary to create a workflow rule. In Salesforce beneath setup you can create a new workflow rule.

On creation you have to choose on which object the rule will be applied. After that there are still some choices to be made.

Will it be send on creation or also on editing the record?

Make your choice. But there is something to be aware of. You can not choose for an option only when a record is edited . So if you want to send a message only if a field is changed you have to add some extra criteria.

Choose formula evaluates to true.  Enter a formula that returns a value of “True” or “False.” Salesforce triggers the rule if the formula returns “True.” In our case if any of the below fields are changed, it will evaluate to true and the message will be send. For example: Formula: ISCHANGED(Home_Street_Name__c)|| ISCHANGED(LastName) || ISCHANGED(FirstName)|| ISCHANGED(Home_Zipcode__c)|| ISCHANGED(Home_House_Number__c)||ISCHANGED(Home_Country__c)|| ISCHANGED(Home_City__c)|| ISCHANGED(PersonBirthdate)|| ISCHANGED(PersonMobilePhone) .

By the way you can choose your field by clicking the field button. The insert operator in this case ‘||’ means ‘or’ and the function in this case is ‘ISCHANGED’, so when the field is changed it will evaluate to True.

Now you have to create an outbound message :

From setup workflow action–> outbound message. choose new.

Choose the object . In the next screen choose the fields and the Endpoint URL. Save it. That is all.

But you have to connect those two:

Choose: select existing action

So now you have your rule and your outbound message, lets see if it is going to fire.

You can see below workflow actions —> outbound message. There is a button: view message Delivery Status. It gives you an overview if the messages are delivered or not.

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