Global Search Box Restrictions in Lightning

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Global Search Box Restrictions in Lightning

The Global Search Box is the configurable search field at the top of the page available in Salesforce in both the Classic and Lightning edition that allows the user to quickly search within all standard and custom objects for records within the Salesforce database with values that match the completed search criteria. However, the Global Search Box in Lightning has some restrictions.


Restriction 1

Within the current standard functionality with the standard configuration, the Global Search Box shows all search results over the entire Salesforce database which may cause unwanted results to appear or even to show up twice.

The Global Search Box offers the possibility to configure the accessibility of the objects via the search so that they are no longer shown as selectable objects to the left of the search field and also the matching records no longer appear in the search results, for example an account with a home address and also a related subscription with a delivery address. If, for example, a zip code is searched, both will appear in the search results for what may be confusing or even undesirable. To limit the search results, you must first minimize the tabs or remove the for example as illustrated subscriptions tab below by removing this custom tab and otherwise deselecting the navigation items in Salesforce Service

Secondly, switch off the option to appear in the search results on the configuration section of the object itself as illustrated below:

Restriction 2

In addition, it is also not possible to further filter the search results with additional search criteria and whether to apply business rules such as omitting duplicates and or inactive records and / or showing custom records that contain data from different records.

Restriction 3

As soon as the search results are displayed, they are often limited in terms of display to simple lists. It is therefore not possible to organize search results, to limit them, and to adjust the display of search results, for example by grouping certain search results and providing them with an alternating color.

Restriction 4

In the Salesforce Classic variant it was possible to hide the Global Search Box through configuration settings via Setup or JavaScript. In the Lightning variant of Salesforce this its also not possible by default, neither with JavaScript or CSS to hide the Global Search Box. The Lightning variant or Salesforce does not allow to alter other components with Javascript by injecting Javascript or CSS in custom components to access for examples the Global Search Box component. In the Lightning variant of both Service Cloud and Sales Cloud, the Global Search Box is always turned on.

Custom Search

However, with the mentioned restrictions on the Global Search Box, it is still possible to configure this where the search is used solely for the desired objects that are your starting point in Salesforce. In the CRM in our example, the account is central and not the subscription. The configuration of the Global Search Box makes it possible to search directly for customers and other accessible objects via the Global Search Box. To search with specific rules and display, Salesforce Classic and Lightning offer the possibility to offer customized components and integrate them via the App Builder on the start page and / or other record pages.

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